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Lisa's Services
Many clients consult a lawyer for the first time when they become involved in a dispute. I help clients resolve disputes as quickly, amicably and cost-effectively as possible and counsel them to take steps to avoid future disputes. But that is only the beginning; I can help empower clients to achieve their visions by understanding and using the building blocks that the legal system provides.
The legal system, through statutes, regulations and case law, creates a set of rules and procedures applicable to business operations, relationships and transactions. Contracts allow parties to customize those rules for specific circumstances, and to create their own procedures for communication, decision-making and dispute-resolution. I help clients to understand and comply with the legal context in which they operate, identify, protect and exploit their assets, and develop win-win business relationships.
I can help businesses at all stages of their lifecycles, individuals in their interactions with businesses, and parties involved in business disputes. A variety of client-friendly fee arrangements are offered. Click on the links below to see how I can help you. To request a free initial consultation, please click here and provide the requested information.
For Disputants
I offer a variety of dispute resolution services to clients. I can also help parties avoid disputes. My services include:
  • Negotiation coaching and assistance
  • Early assessment and informal negotiation of disputes
  • Representation in settlement conferences, mediation sessions and arbitration proceedings
  • Litigation management to save costs and expedite resolution
  • Serving as a standby mediator or facilitator for business partners or parties to a transaction
  • Mediation or arbitration of disputes
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For Start-Ups
Many start-ups have as their goal the commercialization of an innovative or creative idea or work product. To succeed, though, these start-ups need a solid legal and contractual foundation. I offer essential services for start-ups, including:
  • Review and advice on asset or stock purchases, franchise, dealership or business opportunity agreements
  • Selection and set-up of appropriate business entity
  • Guidance on complying with applicable laws and regulations
  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements with partners, lenders, investors, and others involved in the start-up, including loan documentation, partnership agreements, limited liability company operating agreements and shareholder agreements
  • Development of standard agreements for use with customers, vendors, key employees, independent contractors and strategic partners
  • Identification and protection of essential intellectual property and other assets
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For Emerging Enterprises
As businesses emerge, they may diversify their offerings, enter into strategic alliances, outsource some of their functions, or expand their marketing initiatives. In the process, the legal, contractual and operational issues they face can change and become more complex. I offer services to help emerging companies navigate these challenges successfully, including:
  • Review and revision of standard contracts and businesses processes to reduce risks and enhance company performance
  • Facilitation of problem-solving and strategic planning sessions and oversight and direction of change initiatives
  • Advice on legal issues presented by planned initiatives or arising in day-today operations
  • Structuring and implementation of consulting, outsourcing, teaming, distribution, licensing, agency and joint venture agreements
  • Preparation and pre-release review of publicly released statements and information, including website content, newsletters, press releases and marketing materials
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For Established Enterprises
As businesses grow, they face legal and contractual issues on a daily basis. For these clients, an outsourced general counsel who serves as part of the company's management team can be the best solution.

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For Employers
For enterprises to succeed, they need to hire the right employees and create appropriate incentives. At the same time, they must ensure their employees and agents comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as company policies and procedures. I provide services to employers looking to accomplish these goals, as well as to enhance employee performance and internal communications, including:
  • Preparation of employee application, compensation and agreement forms
  • Drafting and implementation of company policies and procedures
  • Business ethics and legal compliance training and internal communications
  • Negotiation and dispute resolution skills workshops; and
  • Guidance on employee discipline and termination
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For Collaborators
Many entrepreneurs collaborate with others on an as-needed basis. Often, issues such as the parties' respective rights in the work product, exclusivity and protection of confidential information are not addressed until a dispute arises. I can help collaborators structure their working relationships to protect their interests while maximizing the value created by the combination.

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For Individuals
Individuals frequently feel at a disadvantage when dealing with larger enterprises, whether negotiating an employment offer or considering a severance package. I can help individuals make more informed decisions and negotiate more effectively.

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